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food and exercise journaling

Research has long highlighted that people who keep a record of what they eat and drink and how active they are - known by health professionals as 'self monitoring' - have more weight loss success.

Food and exercise journaling is supported by an online software program called Food Prodigy. Food Prodigy provides the most reliable and extensive nutrient and exercise analysis information on the market today. Thousands of dietitians and other health workers all over the world use this software to simplify and perfect their work in the field of nutrition.

Selected features include:

  • An extensive database of foods from a variety of food groups, including specialty items, fast foods, name brand foods, frozen foods, combination foods, and more
  • Intuitive, easy-to-learn user platform
  • Analysis for up to 163 nutrient components
  • Simple food item and exercise retrieval
  • Variety of analyses and printable reports that display nutrient content, MyPlate values, fat and calorie percentage, and much more

Food Prodigy logoAs a client of Fueling Fitness, you will have access to this valuable resource.