Fueling Fitness nutrition counseling Marcia Bristow RD
  Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition Looking for a healthier lifestyle? I was frustrated being overweight, having low energy levels, and taking medications for blood pressure and cholesterol. I wanted to feel like my old self again so I contacted Marcia at Fueling Fitness. What a find! Marcia's approach to weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle were just what I needed. Since May 2017 I've lost over 20 lbs and lowered my blood pressure. Thanks to Marcia's knowledge and guidance I'm feeling great! I continue to work on my nutrition and fitness goals with Marcia's encouragement. I would highly recommend Marcia's services to anyone looking to develop healthy eating habits, lose weight, and improve fitness!
Leslie R
  Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition I just wanted to give you an update on my recent achievements. Since our last visit I have hit 6 PR's on 4 different lifts. I am on a roll and feeling good. Fellow crossfiter's have taken notice. I mention my changes in nutrition and proper rest and I believe I have set a trend for a few Palio eating individuals. I never realized my carbohydrate deficiency until our visit's. I am still getting plenty of vitamin A as well. My recovery is better ( occasional Advil helps on the killer days). I haven't been flat in a work out since my changes. Thanks again, and your name has been mentioned a few times!
Mike Senna
Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition Sixty-seven years old, 5' 3", 170 pounds. Overweight, way overweight - again. I definitely had to lose weight - again. For 50 years I had been yo-yo dieting. OK, this time it was going to be different. I joined a well-known weight loss program - again. After struggling, and not necessarily eating that well, I got down to 156 pounds, and stayed there. Oh no, I still had so far to go and did not know how to get there. Doing the same old thing did not seem to be an answer.

Then I saw an article in a local newspaper about Marcia and Fueling Fitness. I knew that learning how to eat healthfully for the rest of my lifetime was really what I needed. I got in contact.

Sixty-seven years old, 5' 3", 134 pounds (and losing!). Marcia is an extremely effective nutrition coach. Her depth of knowledge, broad experience, supportive and realistic attitude and sincere interest in the whole person helped me to achieve a wonderful healthy eating lifestyle. Thanks for taking this journey with me, Marcia!

Mary Beth
  Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition Thanks to Marcia's nutritional advice and counseling in preparation for my boxing match, I managed to successfully lose ten pounds to meet my 135 pound weight requirement. The weight loss process is difficult, but Marcia made sure I stayed motivated, properly fueled, and energetic throughout my tough training program. Each week, Marcia checked my progress, shared knowledge about the powerful influence food has on athletic performance, allowed me to ask important questions, and provided me with wonderful support. I feel that her guidance truly influenced the outcome of my fight! Her guidance and support carried me a long way, and it will continue to benefit me as I train for more boxing matches in the near future.
Ali Watson
  Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition Thanks for everything, Marcia. You prepared me perfectly for the Lake Placid Ironman. I stayed healthy while training, knew exactly what to eat the week before the race and was totally prepared for race day. Our race plan was easy to follow and kept me going all day. Most of all, it is always great to connect with you!
Cara Gleason Krebs, Social Worker
Lake Placid Ironman
  Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition Throughout my adult life, I have struggled with my weight and tried many different avenues to gain control. It wasn't until I met Marcia that she helped me see that it wasn't just about losing weight. It was about leading a healthy lifestyle and feeding my body the healthiest way possible. She is supportive, kind, nurturing, so well-informed, and a constant positive light and reinforcement in finally gaining control. Marcia appeared at a time of great transition in my life and I'm extremely thankful for the patience and support she has given me. I look forward to having her by my side as I continue on my journey toward a healthier life.
Namaste, Cindy Roque
  Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition For the past five years, I have worked with Marcia as a coach at the Lake Champlain Women's Running Camp and as guest speaker on the topic of nutrition for athletes in my Marathon 101 class. She brings a wealth of knowledge, a fantastic energy and sincere compassion to every situation. It is always a joy and honor to work with her.
Jess Cover, Running Coach
Chicago Marathon
  Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition Working with Marcia has proven invaluable to me. She helped me prepare for a major surgery and my healing would never have been as successful without her guidance for proper pre-and post surgical nutrition. My surgical team told me that I had the best nutrition of any patient they had encountered. By working with Marcia, I was also able to lower my cholesterol and increase my iron levels without feeling deprived. I have kept my weight off and just bought a new wardrobe!
Judith C. Hettena Wright, CPA, PFS
  Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition I've known Marcia Bristow and have worked with her for more than 10 years. Her knowledge and passion for health makes Marcia an asset to anyone's quest for optimum health and performance Marcia Bristow is a very personable nutritionist, coach, mentor and athlete. She is able to connect with her clients, be it one on one or in a group, in a manner that allows people to feel absolutely comfortable. This quality opens the door to "real" learning. Of great importance is her emphasis on food; not as an enemy but as a necessity to live a high quality, productive life.
Andrea Sisino, Director
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
University of South Carolina
  Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition The team did great and everyone who started finished which I was so happy about. We had some pretty stellar times on our team as well! We had one man run a 2.30 and get third overall! And one of our women came in at 2.55 something! I finished with a 3.30, a personal best for me! Thank you again for helping us have a successful Vermont City Marathon day.
UVM College of Medicine Marathon Team
  Marcia Bristow dietician nutrition I just wanted to let you know that your advice and help in my preparation for the Spartan Beast last September REALLY paid off! My 1st place finish in my age division and 56th out of 539 in the open race division as well as in the top 10% of all of the 3500 racers that weekend was a total shock for me. It shows that proper preparation can really pay off! I thank you for your help and advice and assistance in my preparation for the race! It was part of my overall training scheme that allowed me to do so well and have so much fun. Without proper fueling there was no way I could have had such a great time.
Bill Root